In most of the pregnancy cases, a woman gives birth to a new young one in her due date. But in some cases pregnancy is considered to be on high risk when there is a certain complication which could effect either the mother, the baby or in some cases both the mother and the baby is on high risk. These pregnancy cases required a specialist which ensure the less risk and gives best for the mother and the baby. Normally pregnancy cases are handle by an Obstetrician or Gynecologist who specializes in treating disease of the female reproductive organs. Their duty is to care for pregnant women during and after pregnancy, in delivering babies and many other important health issues related to women including birth control, mensuration after pregnancy, urinary tract issues. But a high risk pregnancy doctor is having much more responsibility rather than an Ob/Gyn. They not only handle all these but in addition a high risk pregnancy requires an additional requirements and appointments. A high risk pregnancy doctor is generally called as MFM Specialists (Maternal-Fetal Medicine). A MFM specialist has having an additional education and training which makes them high risk pregnancy experts. MFM specialists also known as Perinatologists. They care for women who face unexpected situations that occur during pregnancy like labor pain, excessive bleeding, fluctuating blood pressure, high blood sugar. They have an extra training in handling fetal problems. They can even begin treatment before birth if they found any kind of defect which may creates problem during pregnancy. MFM specialists are not only a certified Obstetricians or Gynecologists but also a certified maternal-fetal medicine. Mostly an MFM and Ob/Gyn works together as a team and observe the cases during pregnancy. An MFM is responsible to observe the condition, any required testing or treatment during pregnancy whereas an Ob/Gyn observe parental care only. An MFM specialists are having following roles and responsibilities :

  • They observe whether any special test or treatment required.
  • Problems regarding mother and baby during pregnancy.
  • Observe whether a baby have a birth defect or in any abnormal ultrasounds.